Designing an Effective Attic Ventilation System


Did you know that a properly ventilated attic space is key to the durability of a residential roof? Are you aware of the year-round benefits of a properly ventilated roof? If you are designing single family homes or living in one, this course will help you understand the science of natural ventilation and design ventilation systems.  In this webinar, I’ll cover:

  • the year-round benefits of attic ventilation
  • how attic ventilation works
  • some important types of attic ventilation products
  • the code requirement for attic ventilation
  • How to Calculate attic ventilation system requirements

Join me on February 18, from 1- 2 PM EST for Designing an Effective Attic Ventilation System and earn 1.0 LU/HSW.

 To get a sneak peek of some of what we will be discussing or just to learn a bit more about the consequences of improperly ventilated attic spaces, check out this video.


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Lucas Hamilton is Manager, Building Science Applications for CertainTeed Corporation

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