5 Reasons We Always DVR Income Property


Late last year, we were excited to announce our new partnership with TV personality and contractor Scott McGillivray. McGillivray isn’t just a star on the screen, but he’s an incredibly successful contractor and property investor who dedicates much of his life to educating homeowners and future homeowners on ways to get the most out of their properties.

Scott’s hit show Income Property kicked off its 11th season last month with new episodes airing on the DIY Network in the US and on HGTV Canada. Income Property takes TV viewers through the journey of turning a “fixer upper” rental property into an opportunity to make an even greater return on the homeowner’s investment. As part of our relationship with Scott, CertainTeed provides product donations to be used in several of the renovations featured on the show. This is one of the many reasons our DVR is always set to record Income Property, here are five others:

  1. Anybody can have an income property – The homeowners on the show range from single “millennials” looking to cash in on their first opportunity to couples with multiple properties. McGillivray does an excellent job of discussing the advantages of owning an income property and educates his audience on what it takes to own one.
  2. The renovations are quality – McGillivray’s renovations make you want to move in. He uses quality material (you can even see some CertainTeed products being used) and designs each property with the renter in mind. His renos not only are attractive to future renters, but they add equity to the home providing the homeowner with an income stream income each month.
  3. You can do it too – Renovation shows are great, but sometimes the work is not realistic for actual homeowners. McGillivray educates his viewers on the reasons behind his decisions, and offers “real world” advice on how to do it yourself.
  4. You don’t have to have an income property – while the show itself is featured around renovating an income property, the actual work itself could be for any home. McGillivray offers great advice about renovation from plumbing to electric to decorating.
  5. It’s inspiring – There is nothing greater than seeing a house with potential. Usually it’s difficult to imagine a beautiful space transforming out of a fixer upper, but the end results are shocking. It’s proof that the sky’s the limit!

Tune in to Income Property on Thursdays at 10p EST on the DIY Network and Wednesdays at 10pm EST on HGTV Canada to get tips from Scott and be on the lookout for CertainTeed products used!



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