How to Design a More Durable Playroom


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HGTV-host and father of two, Scott McGillivray, searches for drywall options tough enough for a playroom

When creating the playroom in his forever home, contractor, HGTV host and father of two, Scott McGillivray naturally worried about the durability of the room. He and his wife had plenty of ideas for décor and storage, but before they began designing, Scott wanted to make sure the walls would continue to look good well into the future. So he gave the drywall used on the walls some serious consideration (and testing) before deciding to use it in the girls’ playroom.

Playrooms notoriously take a lot of abuse. Cars and fire engines ram walls, blocks tumble, misguided “science” experiments hurl toward the walls, doors bang, chairs tip. Walls ding and scratch, corners dent, break, and worse. It was high impact areas like these – playrooms, entry ways, family rooms, garages and mud rooms – that CertainTeed had in mind when they designed the strongest ½” drywall on the market: Habito®drywall.

Habito’s innovative design combines the benefits of old-fashioned plaster with the convenience of modern drywall, bringing homes a new level of flexibility and unmatched performance. It’s so strong it can hold up to 30 pounds with a single screw – no anchors or studs required. (Which makes decorating and re-decorating the walls a breeze. Bring on those art projects!).

Don’t Forget About the Corners

With the walls in place, don’t forget about the corners. Many homeowners overlook this detail, or leave it solely in the hands of their drywall contractor, but corners are often the first areas of the wall to get damaged, and an easy target for anything on wheels.

With that in mind, CertainTeed developed, No-Coat® corner systems, the highest performing drywall corner trim available.  No-Coat is more durable than a traditional paper-faced or vinyl corner bead, and is designed to withstand severe impacts and not blister, bubble, dent or crack.

Combined with the strongest ½” drywall on the market, this all adds up to the toughest drywall system in the industry. Use together and when you’re ready to reclaim that space in a few years all you’ll have to do is change the paint.

Parents, what do you think? Would you have found Habito useful in a playroom? I have two boys and the walls in our playroom are constantly taking a beating!

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