Tips for Celebrating Memorial Day in Your Own Backyard

CB_SpringLake_house_morning_FlagMemorial Day presents an opportunity to remember those who have served our country. Remembering that service
and sacrifice is often symbolized by hanging a flag from a porch or patio.

It also marks the unofficial beginning of summer. We at CertainTeed love to take advantage of outdoor living
spaces and we want you to get the most out of yours. Usually when a household is expecting guests, the rule of thumb is to start with cleaning. This includes your outdoor living space. Power washing a patio, deck or siding is an effective way to remove dirt and debris – leaving the intended area ready for enjoyment.

And it may just be time to take on that major renovation project you’ve been putting off. Choosing new, fresh siding or trim can give your home a much-needed face-lift. If you’re unsure how a certain style, profile or color may appear, online design tools are available that can assist with the visualization process. While exploring the different options, you might also start dreaming about stretching the budget for a new roof, deck or railing that suits your home’s unique look.

Warmer weather drives the desire to enjoy the outdoors without reservation – so embrace it! Take full advantage of your yard by installing a privacy fence. String lights around your extended living space; gather around a fire pit and you have the perfect additions for entertaining or just kicking back and relaxing.

Remembering Joplin, Missouri This Memorial Day

Aftermath of Joplin tornado

Aftermath of Joplin tornado

As we prepare for Memorial Day to honor those who have served their country and given their lives for our safety and well-being let us also remember the families in Joplin, Missouri who suffered a fierce attack from nature and are facing such trying times.

This disaster hits home because our fellow employees at CertainTeed’s plant in Joplin, as well as their families, are facing that rebuilding right now.

What I find interesting is the role that social media played in sharing information about the situation which jumpstarted a company-wide effort to begin a relief supply collection program. One of our employees in Claremont, NC posted a message on Facebook on Sunday night after hearing from one of her colleagues about the tornado in Joplin. Fellow employees on Facebook saw the post and the viral communication started to spread. Within 48 hours, following a message from our president and CEO, all of our sister plants, both CertainTeed and Saint-Gobain throughout North America, were starting relief collection campaigns. I was amazed at how quickly we responded and the outpouring of support shown by our employees during this week. The human spirit is a wonderful thing and is alive and well.

The images of Joplin shared by our colleagues are similar to those of a war zone. People are still missing, lives and properties have been destroyed, and now the residents are faced with trying to rebuild their lives from the rubble that now holds their memories. While we can provide food, clothing and shelter for those affected by this disaster we cannot erase the sights and sounds that will haunt them forever.

We can never be totally prepared for a life changing event, whether it is a war, a terror attack, or a natural disaster; and we can never really comprehend the impact unless we have gone through it ourselves.

This Memorial Day, pray for all of our fellow Americans who have lost their lives to war, terrorism or natural disaster and remember the saying attributed to evangelical preacher and martyr John Bradford, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”