PVC Trim Enhancements Make Installation Easier

Cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) trim has changed the way we view decorative trim on the outside of a building.  The ability to enhance the look in a low maintenance, paintable product has enabled building professionals and homeowners to elevate the appearance and value of their building.

Beadboard continues to provide a great alternative to wood and new profiles make it faster and easier to install and create more design possibilities for homeowners seeking show-stopping curb appeal without having to worry about future maintenance. Some of these enhancements improve the tongue and groove and fastener applications to provide a more seamless look to porch ceilings, skirting and deck surrounds.

When working with wood trim there is a great deal more work that takes place, in terms of finishing and installation, especially without the tongue and groove design. 

Beadboard’s TightLap™  progressive notched shiplap edge design provides for a larger concealed nailing area and allows two adjacent panels to seamlessly overlap, providing better hold.  The reversible bead/channel repeat creates a smooth transition between panels.

Homeowners are utilizing outdoor living spaces more today than ever before and this trend will continue as people choose to stay in their current homes longer – even into retirement.

Taking a Home from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The current economy is causing homeowners to consider upgrading their homes to help them sell faster.  Often the deciding factor in what upgrades a homeowner focuses on, relates to whether or not the upgrade will translate into real dollars when the house is placed on the market. What can make a home standout in the marketplace?  What creates added curb appeal? Statistics show that by customizing your exterior trim can increase the value of a home by $7,300 – $10,000.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) trim has the look of wood without the maintenance.  The trim will not rot or warp or sustain damage from rain, sun or snow.  The uses of PVC trim are only limited by your imagination.  The flexibility of these trim products enables its use for decorative purposes or to simply accent windows and porch areas.

Exterior trim can be left white for ultra low maintenance or painted as a decorative feature (which has a longer life than painted wood).   Lighter colors can use any acrylic latex paint; darker colors need paint with light reflectance technology like Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint.

Long term durability is a critical component to exterior home renovation.  By utilizing products that add curb appeal and require minimal maintenance you can add longer lasting beauty to a home.