The President has this one right!…Insulation is Sexy!


Opine all you want about whether you like or dislike what the President says these days.  But, we can’t argue with his latest command….Insulation is Sexy!

We couldn’t agree more.

As the President touts new initiatives to boost incentives for homeowners to make energy efficient home improvements, let us not forget that making a home or building more energy efficient by adding insulation, insulated siding, or reflective roofing, is one of the most green and sustainable things you can do these days.  Whether you’re designing a structure, building it, or buying it, there’s nothing more green/sustainable than saving money (green) and reducing reliance on heating and cooling.  Plus with the Federal Energy Tax Credits, the government is making this effort simpler and more accessible to millions of Americans.

Take insulation for example.  adding insulation is easy, inexpensive, and highly effective.  Leading sustainability expert Tad Radzinski and CertainTeed’s Aman Desouza make this clear on an appearance this week in Philadelphia on KYW Channel 3’s Talk Philly. Keeping the green discussion simple, easy and legitimate makes it that much more relevant and real for people these days.

Also on the energy front, at the upcoming January 2010 International Builder Show in Las Vegas, CertainTeed is offering a “sneak peak” of several major green, energy efficient innovations we’ll be launching next year.  Join us in booth C2026.

Also, on Tuesday, January 19 from 12:30-1:30, Tom Silva from This Old House joins us. Come on by, meet Tom, ask a question and get an autograph. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Lawrence Aldridge on

    The word “Sexy” is used in an interesting way here. Typical definitions are something like; “marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.” Insulation does keep you warm when you want to be warm and cool when you want to be cool. I would consider warmth and coolness as small elements of being “Sexy.” The president went on to explain what he meant, saying that what’s sexy about insulation is its ability to help save people money. His use of the word “Sexy” did add shock value and subsequently did arouse an increased focus on energy efficiency. This earns a thumbs up in my book.

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