Knock, Knock – It’s Google – Contractors Need to Answer


Matt Gibson

As I work with contractors across the country, I am continually surprised at how many of them are not actively engaged with online marketing tools. 

As social media gains a foothold with audiences of all ages, building professionals who are not marketing through a website,  or social networking page (such as Facebook), or posting videos of completed projects on YouTube, or posting articles and comments on a blog could be missing out on potential leads. The internet can be a significant, cost-effective lead generator that cannot be ignored by building professionals.

While direct mail and advertisements in local publications still have value, it is now becoming mandatory to have a website.  When a trusted referral is not available, consumers are now embracing the internet for research, and as consumers continue to expand their internet use the need to be accessible to them through multiple online avenues will become increasingly important.

Wayne Hollier from Hollier’s Home Improvement, one of our CertainTeed 5-Star Contractors, recently decided that he needed to have a website but wasn’t sure how to begin.  I connected him to a program called WebCheck™ that we offer to our credentialed contractor. WebCheck provides assistance in setting up a new website and, once completed, is easy for the contractor to take over, maintain and update. Wayne needed to provide specific information to set-up the basic framework but by utilizing this program his website was crafted to include keywords for search engine optimization of his website.  This added visibility has been a positive factor in expanding his lead generation efforts.

There are many tools available that are very user friendly to help you create a simple but effective website.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach a new audience for your services; make an online presence for your business a priority in your marketing plan.

Matt Gibson is Manager, Contractor Programs for CertainTeed Siding Products Group

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  1. I think many contractors shy away from social media and Internet Marketing because it can seem like such a huge project to tackle. Especially for those that have been in business for a number of years, where new technologies can be so foreign.

    Like it or not though, tomorrow’s business is going to the guy with best website, the most Twitter followers or Facebook fans, and the best reviews on Yelp. The Internet has made the world a much smaller place and for those who aren’t an active part of it, will soon be lost in the static.

    The thing contractors need to understand is that the project doesn’t have to feel so BIG. In reality, the successful use of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization isn’t a sprint, its a marathon. Small routine involvement spread over a long period of time WILL produce results. Spend thirty minutes to an hour, once a week online joining the global conversation that is taking place around your industry.

    Thanks for the Post…

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