Driving the Digital Revolution is Sustainable


Have you ever been on a jobsite and realized that installation documentation is missing?  If you have access to a computer and WiFi, you can go to the Internet and hopefully find the documents. If not, you may be out of luck – unless you have a smartphone!

The next wave of technology for the building industry includes Quick Response (QR) mobile apps.  These barcodes will help architects, contractors, distributors and consumers get quick, easy and paperless access to websites, products and technical information via their phones.

CertainTeed created a QR reader for Blackberry, iPhone and Droid smartphones that can be downloaded onto the phone from the apps store for each of these Smartphones.  All you need to do is point your phone camera to the 2-D QR barcode, scan the code and you will be connected to CertainTeed information that code refers to, such as technical documentation or product sheets. If you have one of these phones you can download the CertainTeed QR reader by going to your app store or going to certainteed.com/qr.  Simply download and zap the QR code on this page to learn more about CertainTeed.

This technology is being used in many places including retailers, airports and even non-profit organizations as a way to make donations to your favorite cause.

The best part about QR codes is that the technology helps to cut down on the use of printed material while providing the viewer with a much richer experience when accessing company information.   As a company committed to innovation and sustainability, this is another notch in our environmental responsibility tool belt!

We introduced our QR code at the GreenBuild Conference and Expo in November and the response was great.  Visitors to our booth could download our CertainTeed QR reader and zap a code to register for an iPad.  They were also able to zap codes to view videos of our newest innovative products and go to our website.

Once we started looking at this technology, we discovered that the possibilities for its use are endless, so stay tuned to see how we utilize QR codes in 2011.   We’re seeing them in really cool places like Best Buy.  Do you think they have a practical application in the building industry?  What are your favorite apps?   

Mike Loughery is Director, Corporate Marketing Communications at CertainTeed Corporation.


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