What You Don’t Know About Vinyl Siding Could Cost You Money



Brian Kirn

When it is time to select an exterior cladding for a home, whether new construction or remodeling, having factual, objective information can help you make an informed decision.  All manufacturers have colorful brochures with glamour shots of homes but we recently found out that our customers wanted something more.

CertainTeed conducts many feedback programs with both contractors and homeowners and the number one request we consistently hear is the need for an educational brochure about vinyl siding.  Given the popularity of vinyl siding, that made perfect sense.

CertainTeed answered that request with our new Vinyl Siding Redefined brochure.  Since exterior cladding remains on a home for a long time, it’s crucial for homeowners to do their ‘homework’ before making so large an investment.  Understanding the comparisons between vinyl and other claddings with regard to cost, maintenance, warranty and aesthetics is critical to making a sound decision about your home, or, if you’re a contractor, in counseling your customers about the product that is best for them.

Today’s vinyl siding is not the same product that first emerged as a replacement for aluminum siding.  It is true that when vinyl siding first appeared in the marketplace the industry experienced some growing pains but, for the most part there were two key reasons why these occurred.  First, installers put the product on the homes using the same methods as they did for aluminum siding. This did not allow the product the needed room to expand and contract with temperature changes, and consequently product failures resulted.  Also, early versions of vinyl siding colors often experienced fading over time due to the lack of fade inhibitors that are routinely used today.

Needless to say, these early growing pains have long been resolved and vinyl siding has, for sometime, been the number one choice among homeowners for exterior cladding. But despite this, there remain  many misconceptions about vinyl siding – it’s composition, it’s sustainability and life cycle benefits, it’s warranty coverage and it’s cost savings. That is why we produced Vinyl Siding Redefined – to set the record straight.

Brian Kirn is Marketing Manager, Siding Products Group for CertainTeed Corporation


  1. I heard that new vinyl siding doesn’t have to get repainted ever agian is this true? This was told to me by conservation construction of Texas. I am interested in this if it is true. Sounds very maintenance free.

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