Friendly Sparring with Ecoman and the Skeptic on the Radio


Lucas Hamilton

Sustainability experts Rob Fleming, associate professor of architecture and director of the M.S. in Sustainable Design program, and Dr.Chris Pastore, professor of engineering, both from Philadelphia University host an innovative radio show called Ecoman and the Skeptic, the first green radio program to broadcast live from a college or university. The show is broadcast on Thursdays at noon from the ”fishbowl” in the Kanbar Campus Center at Philadelphia University and then syndicated through Voice of America’s Green Talk Network

The show is designed to educate, inform and entertain listeners on a wide range of topics relating to sustainability with a broad spectrum of special guests.

I recently served as a guest on the show. The topic was Building a Better Building and we discussed current issues regarding sustainability, energy efficiency, new products that are available and how manufacturers are working to meet the needs of the marketplace to build a better envelop.  The format is rather loose so the topics covered are not set in stone.

The great thing about the show is that you have two hosts with opposing points of view. Rob is Ecoman, the idea guy, thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo and finding inventive ways of doing things and Chris, the engineer, is the Skeptic bringing a more practical, grounded perspective, routed in reality.  You need both of these viewpoints, especially when looking at new, innovative concepts and creative solutions.

You can listen to Building a Better Building here.

Lucas Hamilton is Manager, Building Science Applications for CertainTeed Corporation

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