Q and A at International Builders’ Show (IBS) with CertainTeed Expert Kelly Warren


During IBS our Meet the Experts sessions gave show attendees the opportunity to get their questions answered.  Our MC, Ted Brunson pitches the following question to Kelly Warren, Senior Product Manager, Insulation

Explain what SMARTBATT™ is and the technology behind it?

Kelly and TedSMARTBATT is a kraft-faced insulation product that has an integrated vapor retarder in the product.  Not only does it protect your home from moisture entering the cavity in the winter but it opens to become vapor permeability in the spring and summer to allow vapor to escape the cavity. It is the best way to avoid moisture and mold from building up within the walls. The product senses the changes in the relative humidity causing the spray-applied coating to change molecular structure allowing the product to open and close and breathe based on ambient temperatures.

It is more important now with the changes in the building codes and the movement toward an air tight envelope. When you get to this level of air tightness it becomes extremely important to manage the moisture vapor in the home.

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  1. The issues with tight building envelopes is that there is not a complete understanding across trades of what this entails or requires, in my experience. Unless a professionally executed air exchange evaluation is done, a tight building causes more problems than it solves. Oversized a/c, unsealed ducts, an attic that allows air entry and/or exit are some of the issues I have personally experienced. Along with 2 fireplaces that were not taken into account, no insulation, and thermal bridging from a tile roof, bathroom fans that vent into attic and water closets that vent nowhere- officials state studer is adequate. It seems that the level of education and understanding is far outside the training of most techs sent to job site.

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