FEMA Flood Maps Can Provide Good Insight When You are Purchasing a Home


flood_insurance_01I recently saw a map of the New York City area as it would be after a sea level rise of 50 feet.  Some of the most expensive real estate in America would become an underwater attraction. It reminded me of the revised FEMA flood maps and the importance they can have for current and future home buyers.

If you are planning to purchase or build a new home, it would be wise to look at the revised flood maps to see if the area you are considering will be impacted by changes to local weather which affect all bodies of water.  You may have noticed that “the storm of the century” seems to be happening every few years. That little brook in the back of your property could become a raging river after such an event. As such, it is a good time to become oriented with the new “reality” and take actions to mitigate both your exposure and the potential damages from such events. Look soon because bad news early is good news.

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