Is BIM – Building Information Modeling Aiding Building Owner/Operators?


BIMBlog readers I need your feedback.

Are there any building owner/operators out there who have a project that was designed and constructed using BIM –Building Information Modeling?  If you do, what benefits related to BIM are you realizing as an owner/operator?

Here is what we know:

  • We know that General Contractors are experiencing a 30% decrease in construction losses because of BIM. So BIM is helping them capture 30% of profits they were losing before BIM.
  • We know that building developers like BIM because it shortens up the project delivery time which enables them to have a tight window on their financing and the relationship with the money end – they have it timed very well.
  • Architects like it because it helps them identify inconsistencies or conflicts in the real world like a piece of mechanical equipment is running into a structure element.

The missing piece is does the owner /operator see value from BIM? If yes, can you tell me what the values are?

Was there a formal BIM handoff done with  you or is it simply something else that came with the design and construction documents?

Is it easier to order pieces for the building when they need to be refreshed or renewed?

Do you use your BIM for this type of information? Or are there other aspects within the Building Information Model that you received with the building that you can employ to increase your productivity or reduce operating costs?

In what ways is your model useful during the occupancy phase?

If you have answers to these questions, I would love to see them.

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