Webinar on Thermal Control in Building Envelopes


Thermal control imageWhen we talk about thermal control most people think this is just about R-Value.

During this webinar I’m going to ask everyone to pull out some suppressed high school physics and chemistry memories and remember that heat flow is not just by conductivity.  R value is the resistance to conductivity and conductivity alone. Heat is also flowing through convection and radiation at the same time.  All three of these are affecting your concept of thermal comfort.  They all contribute to how you feel. It’s very important to understand all three of these physical phenomena and be able to deal with them and control them in order to create a comfortable environment.

A comfortable environment is defined by ASHRAE Standard 55.  It is the undoing of one of the great lies of life that we are all unique and special – according to ASHRAE 55 no we are not. Actually we are quantifiable and measurable and we know what makes us comfortable – that is described in ASHRAE 55.

If you are only paying attention to R value you are probably not making spaces as comfortable as you would if you were paying attention to radiation and convection at the same time.

Our focus in this webinar will also include:

  • Understanding the basic thermal properties of building materials
  • Exploring how to insulate different types of wall assemblies and calculate their performance
  • Learn ways to increase the thermal performance and moisture durability of roofing assemblies

This webinar is free and you will earn 1.5 CEUs.  Join me on Thursday, November 12, from 11:30 – 1:00 pm EST.  Register here.





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Lucas Hamilton is Manager, Building Science Applications for CertainTeed Corporation

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  1. thank you for revealing the detailed note about the thermal control theory. the heat loss and gain in the house will also occur due to various reasons, that was very well revealed. thank you for the blog.

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