Cool Roof Basics and Benefits (Infographic)


A look at the science and savings behind the energy efficient roofing movement

In an attempt to combat the urban heat island effect, Los Angeles implemented an energy ordinance requiring all new and refurbished homes to have a cool roof. In other words, a roof designed to reflect more of the sun’s rays to keep the home or building cooler. Sounds good but, what exactly are the advantages of a cool roof, who should consider this more reflective option and can it really help keep your home, and ultimately your community, cooler?

We’ve gathered the essentials for you including what types of cool roofs are available (spoiler – they are not all white), how much you can expect in energy savings, best places to consider a cool roof, even how to cool your existing roof – all in this very informative infographic. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Think a cool roof might be for you? We have gathered 4 amazing options for you to consider plus, see what it would look like on your home.

Still not sure? We break it down further in What is a Cool Roof.

Already have the perfect roof picked out? We can help you find someone to install it for you.

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