Now Hear This: New High-Tech Room Demonstrates Soundproofing Products


Our new Listening Lounge recreates real life acoustics and showcases soundproofing concepts and materials.

Noise is an invisible enemy of productivity. Sixty-five percent of workers are distracted by too much noise. For that reason, commercial architects, designers and contractors are becoming more and more interested in noise reduction products. To test these new materials, and to demonstrate just how peaceful a room using soundproofing products can become, we have created a Listening Lounge at our Malvern, PA headquarters.

Developed by our Building Science team in conjunction with architectural acoustics consultants at Acentech in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Listening Lounge recreates real world, 3D listening environments such as an open office space and noisy auditorium. Architects and designers can hear the difference between various room acoustics and soundproofing products simply by clicking through on-screen options. Optimized speakers inside the room are strategically placed to create a 360-degree listening experience. High-performance wall panels frame the room, blocking outside noise and allowing for a pure and accurate listening experience. And when it comes to soundproofing, listening is crucial.

It’s one thing to say a product decreases decibels by a certain amount, but hearing the actual difference with your own ears is always more impressive.

Due to the tricky nature of sound, it can difficult to test acoustic products out in the real world, but the new Listening Lounge offers a virtual experience that gives designers and architects an opportunity to hear the soundproofing products before construction begins — and it’s never too early to consider soundproofing options, as it’s easier to soundproof a room in the planning/construction stage of a project than after the building is finished.

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