Easy Outdoor Upgrade: Add a New Railing


For the last couple of years, outdoor living spaces have been all the rage with porches, yards and gardens being transformed into beautiful open air rooms. As the trend evolves outdoor design is getting more personalized from unique furniture options to custom spaces that reflect the interests of the family. Outdoor TV, anyone?

Seen here: Oxford with square balusters in rustic rose.

This customization has  been moving into the design of the space itself with homeowners experimenting with mixing materials to create the ideal outdoor living space for their family. When designing a space from scratch, the sky is the limit, but if you are just looking to update or upgrade a current deck, porch or patio consider adding a new railing.

Adding a new railing is a relatively easy and inexpensive upgrade that can have benefits beyond aesthetics but first let’s talk design.

Dramatic New Color Options

Our research shows homeowners want more options when it comes to deck design. In response to the data, we added three new colors to our popular EverNew® railing system. The new colors include: black, rustic rose, and warm spice.

  • Black, a universal neutral, to add a sophisticated counter-point to any design;
  • Rustic Rose, a deep red-brown, has warm under-tones and is a perfect complement to a cedar deck;
  • Warm Spice, a rich yellow-brown, works well with a traditional stained-wood deck or patio.

Or create a look that reflects your style. These colors have been chosen for their ability to work with almost any deck color.

Don’t have a CertainTeed deck? Don’t worry. EverNew is a standalone railing system designed to work with any wood or composite decking making it an easy upgrade option.

Get gorgeous, safe views with a durable rail system.

Safety First

Versatile EverNew railing systems can be added to a new deck or existing porch and are designed to maintain their integrity over time. Products made of wood may meet code when they’re brand new, but can weaken over time. This is of special concern when the railing also serves a safety function such as on a balcony or stairs. Another benefit of vinyl or composite railing is they do not include the toxic chemical preservatives commonly used to treat wood decks.

Work Less, Enjoy More

Vinyl and composite railing is also famously low maintenance. It is easy to clean and never needs to be painted or stained. And now, with the addition of three new colors to the existing railing color palette of white, almond and clay, the design options have doubled.

For those looking for guidance making their vision come to life CertainTeed introduces EverViewTM, the easy mix-and-match railing and deck tool.  EverView joins a collection of innovative color tools designed to help homeowners select products and materials that exemplify their style and coordinate with the home’s existing color palette.

As most of the country moves towards deck season, take advantage of minimal-maintenance and greater mix-and-match color options to create an outdoor living space the whole family can enjoy – outdoor TV optional.

Want to learn more about about upgrading your deck or porch with a new railing?  We can help.

Plus, 6 free tools to help you promote your outdoor renovation and take the chemicals out of your outdoor routines.

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  1. Great post!!!! EverNew is a standalone railing system designed to work with any wood or composite decking making it an easy upgrade option.

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