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Your car comes with a manual. Your stove comes with a manual. Even your toaster came with a manual. Virtually everything you buy comes with a set-of-instructions detailing how to use, how to clean, even where to go for replacement parts – yet your home, arguably the most important (and complicated) purchase of your life, does not. We never thought that made much sense so we are working to fill in the pieces with simple articles outlining the basics in home repair, upkeep and maintenance. Please feel free to join in with your tips, questions or requests for information and sign up for our blog so you don’t miss a single piece in the series. Your house will thank you.  

Settling walls, moved pictures, aggressive kids (or animals), damage to walls is unavoidable. Fortunately fixing it is just about as easy as causing it. All you need is a few minutes and these basic supplies.

Do you have a small hole in your wall or ceiling that needs to be patched? A crack that needs to be filled? Even a larger hole, up to around 6”, should be a quick repair doable by even the most inexperienced DIY-er. You don’t need a drywall repair kit or a contractor. All you need are a few key tools and a little know-how and you can have that wall looking as good as new in a matter of minutes (work time – there is a little drying time for both the compound and the paint).

To make it easy we’ve taken our How to Repair Drywall article and created a materials list. Gather these items and keep them handy. (If you don’t already own these materials, take this list to your favorite box store, lumber yard or Amazon, if you prefer).

Drywall contractors & DIY-pros share your hacks and tips for making this process even easier. We love hearing from those in the know!

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  1. Skylar Williams on

    Thank you for supplying a list of materials that are needed for repairing drywall. I have a few holes in my wall from my two sons throwing footballs in the house. I may just stick with having a professional come and help me with the holes so I don’t make it worse.

  2. I would even add to your list a drill, screws, and wood furring strips. For any of those holes over six inches these items are a must. But for anything smaller your list is excellent! Great work guys.

  3. All my walls have been destroyed by my children and this article is a great help to fix my damaged walls. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.

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