Healthier Homes Start with Healthier Air (Infographic)


No matter how many weekend hiking trips we take or days at the beach we enjoy, the fact remains: We’re indoor people. We spend 90% of our time indoors. That means we spend 90% of our time breathing anything and everything floating in the indoor air and yet our indoor air is actually much dirtier than the air outside. (EPA studies have shown that pollutant levels are between two and five times higher indoor than outdoor.)

While most of the airborne chemicals in our home are harmless, there’s one that could be causing you and your family a variety of health issues including headaches, burning eyes, even asthma: Formaldehyde. So we created this infographic.

Think of it as your visual introduction to better air quality.

Have questions about your home’s air quality and how to take steps to improve it? We can help.

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