Energize Your Green Life: 7 Blogs You Should Follow


The news cycle can be discouraging to those concerned about the environment. Fortunately there is a lot of exciting work being done out there – from small-scale innovators to community-based movements to CSR-minded companies – that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. If your green-side needs a little pick-me up, here are seven blogs or websites worth your time.

Rodale’s Organic Life


About: According to company lore – J. I. Rodale, this publishing-family’s patriarch, started the modern organic movement when he launched Organic Farming and Gardening magazine in 1942. Whether or not he and his magazine were the sole impetus for the movement is debatable. What is not in question is the family’s long-term commitment to removing chemicals and pesticides from the food we eat and the air we breathe.


Proud Green Home


About: Proud Green Home champions the accelerated adoption of sustainable best practices through education and explanation. They tap a variety of trade experts for their content with articles both at a pro and homeowner level.


Naturally, Danny Seo


About: Being born on Earth Day, maybe it’s no surprise Danny Seo has created himself a popular environmental lifestyle brand. Like many hard-working bloggers, he features plenty of sponsored content but each piece is well-researched, well-written and beautifully presented.


Blue & Green Tomorrow


About: This UK-based site wants to help grow businesses that balance the needs of the planet and its people with their prosperity. Yes, their statics tend to be UK-centric but the site is full of great articles and easy tips to lessen your carbon footprint.


Asthma Community Network


About: This website dedicated to helping people with asthma live their best life is chock-full of tips and news on the latest research and technical advances helping the asthma community. There is also an interactive section designed especially for kids. The blog hasn’t been updated in a while but there is still a lot of quality archival data.




About: This blog from the International Living Future Institute focuses on rethinking our indoor environments and how they interact with and affect the natural world. Their goal is creating spaces that regenerate life. The focus here is on communal buildings – schools, offices, hospitals – anywhere we all get together.


WeatherBug Know Before


About: This blog from the forecasting site WeatherBug.com, naturally has a weather angle but it digs into the why behind the forecast. Understand how weather phenomenon can affect your health and well-being.


Sometimes the good news doesn’t get the attention it deserves but there is a lot going on behind the scenes to improve our air quality, energy use and manufacturing processes, including here at CertainTeed. As part of our pledge to product stewardship, our design teams use lifecycle thinking to improve the sustainability of a product. We also lead the in industry in product transparency with our EPD and HPD programs.

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