A Tough Lessons Opens New Doors


As part of our efforts to help Keep Craft Alive, we are talking to skilled-workers across the U.S. and Canada about how they got started in the field.

Keep Craft Alive Profile: Agatha Hall

Name: Agatha Hall, Hippo Roofing Sales

Industry: Roofing

How Did You Get Started? 

I got into the roofing industry because of my own bad experience when my roof failed after hurricane Irma in 2017. My roof was having issues back when hurricane Matthew came in 2016, A bad call by the insurance adjuster made me purchase a patch instead of redoing the roof. What I learned through a course of disasters from my roof lead me to work for my company, Hippo Roofing.

What Does Your Day Look Like?

We are a SELECT ShingleMaster for CertainTeed shingles. The CertainTeed shingle warranty is by far the best in the industry.

Favorite Part of the Job?

Here in Florida we go through roofing very quickly because of the nonstop heat and rain. I am taking my experiences with roofing and sharing them with other consumers to help better educate them so that they make better purchasing decisions regarding the roof!

Thank you, Agatha!

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