Awaken Your Creative Side: Customization Enters the Trades


As part of our efforts to help Keep Craft Alive, we are talking to skilled-workers across the U.S. and Canada about how they got started in the field.

Jerry Strickland, President Jeffco Inc

Keep Craft Alive Profile: Jerry Strickland

Name: Jerry Strickland, President Jeffco Inc.

Industry: Gutters/Siding

How You Got Started:

My father was in the industry, and I worked summers on siding, guttering, and roofing crews from the age of 14. After getting a college degree, I decided I didn’t want to be behind a desk and I joined my father at Jeffco. I’ve been there full-time for thirty years.

Favorite Part of the Job:

I really enjoy meeting clients and transforming their homes.

Advice to Those Entering the Field:

Focus on customer service, and always be honest. The key to success is quality workmanship by our employees. I also believe that customization and organization are important and, as always, follow through with quality customer service.

What the Future Holds:

The wide range of materials in roofing, siding, and windows have opened up so many options and it is easier to truly customize a home. We need to get more young people to become the craftsmen we need, or we may not be able to grow as much as we would like.

Favorite Projects:

We work so much on residential homes and I love that but sometimes a commercial job comes along with some new design elements or new materials to work with and that is always fun to explore. I think I really like projects where I may be doing something new or working with a new product.

Thanks, Jerry!

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