New Fence Tool Helps Homeowners Use Structure to Shape Their Yard


Homeowners can now try out different fence styles and colors before the first post is ever bought or placed, thanks to CertainTeed’s new online home exterior visualization tool, Fence-It.

Fence-It creates a stunningly realistic rendering of how various CertainTeed Fence products will look in a yard before homeowners ever have to spend a cent out of their budget.

Select Type, Material, Color and Texture

Is your client “on the fence” about whether they prefer a hand-picked natural stone look, such as the one created by CertainTeed’s SimTek® EcoStone® solution, versus the realistic wood grain look of Bufftech® Brookline with CertaGrain® texture? No problem! With an interactive interface that offers eight different fence categories – such as privacy fence, semi-private, post and rail and more – and customization features such as fence height, color and texture, Fence-It makes it easy to visualize CertainTeed’s plethora of options before settling on a comfortable final decision.

Personalize to Location

The tool also indicates which products are swimming pool-compliant and have WindZone™ Performance or ColorLast® Fade Protection, helping homeowners decide which solutions will best frame their outdoor area.

Contractors can walk homeowners through the interface by first choosing whether they want to visualize a fence in the front or backyard of a home. After color, height and texture selections have been made, the rendering can be saved as a .jpg file and shared via email or text between the contractor and homeowner.

CertainTeed FenceIt tool helps homeowners visualize their yard with a fence in it.

Close with Curb Appeal

While fences are a great option for framing up an outdoor living space, many homeowners don’t view them as decorative. CertainTeed’s Fence-It visualization tool will allow contractors to show homeowners the added value that fences can bring to a front or backyard – without having to convince them to spend any of their budget upfront.

Fence-It joins CertainTeed’s extensive arsenal of home exterior visualization tools, including ColorView® exterior style and color selector, ColorCoachTM virtual color swatch book, iDreambookTM interactive catalog, Trim-ItTM digital trim visualizer, CurbAppeal® product selector, EverViewTM railing visualizer, Blend-ItTM blended color selector and more.

While these tools provide an accurate portrayal of product use, CertainTeed recommends homeowners reference physical product samples for texture and color before making a final decision.

Doug Mucher is Senior Marketing Manager for CertainTeed Outdoor Living.

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