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Keep Craft Life Profile: Kenneth Braun

As part of our efforts to help Keep Craft Alive, we are talking to skilled-workers across the U.S. and Canada about how they got started in the field.

Name: Kenneth Braun

Company: KB Carpentry/ Russell Mill Remodeling, Plymouth, MA

Industry: Carpentry

Profiling trade careers: carpenter

How You Got Started:

After graduating college in Vermont, still not sure what my future would hold, I started working for a marketing business selling SEO services. After a week of working in an office, I was sure the office life wasn’t for me. With plans to move out west for bigger mountains and more snow, I was looking for a way to fund my move. My parents’ neighbor is a builder and was looking for help on a large remodel he was about to start. I liked the job right away but still didn’t know that it would be my career. I was just happy that I could be outside all day, go to work and be myself without putting on a plastic smile.

On Doing What You Love:

I picked up on the basics pretty fast. From being a laborer to framing, and siding. Carpentry started as a way to fund my snowboarding. After my winter out west I moved back and got right back into carpentry and this is when I became hooked. I just wanted to learn as much as I could and was working with great builders and teachers. Work wasn’t work, I was hanging out with my friends while we built things, having fun.

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On Respecting the Craft:

I can’t think of a better place to be in the trades than the South Shore and Cape Cod. There is a long tradition of skilled craftsmen and historic buildings. I have been fortunate to work with great people who have passed their passion for building onto me.

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Going It Alone:

This past year has I decided to split from the crew I was working with and go out on my own. I linked up with a friend to pursue our goal of building a remodeling business. It has been hard work, some long hours, a learning experience, and most of all, it’s been fun. No matter how long someone has been doing this type of work, you can still learn, improve, and challenge yourself.

The Best Part of Your Job:

I knew after about a year or two into my carpentry career that I would never be happy in a job that I didn’t feel challenged, which is my favorite part of this career.

Thanks, Ken!

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