Your Warranty Feedback: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!


Today’s warranties can be confusing and hard to explain. We’re here to help.

You’ve really opened our eyes in recent weeks about your likes, dislikes and suggestions for improving warranties of our roofing shingles. At the end of the day, your voice was very clear—simplify it all! We’ll probably never go back to the 30- 40- or 50-year warranties, but, I can promise you this: I will do whatever I can to make them easier to explain.

Here is what we know: Today’s warranties can be confusing and hard to explain. Let’s review these basics that should help declutter the situation.

Roofing Warranty Language Deciphered:

  • What does “Lifetime” mean? It means simply—for as long as a person owns the home;
  • Most warranties come with front-loaded coverage that offers full replacement material, tear-off, labor and disposal for the early years after a roof is installed;
  • After that only the material is covered and at a decreasing rate as the roof gets older—we call that proration;
  • Extended warranties take that original front-loaded coverage, eliminate proration and add up to 40 additional years of tear off, replacement material, labor and disposal;
  • All warranties cover manufacturing defects which can range from things like excessive granule loss, press variation and inadequate sealant;
  • ALL but one manufacturer will only consider it a “manufacturing defect” if the roof is leaking or the roof’s performance is adversely affected;
  • CertainTeed is the only manufacturer that will cover manufacturing defects even if the roof isn’t leaking;

The bottom line is this: You have a reputation to uphold and often times you may feel caught in the middle between an angry homeowner and challenging legalistic warranty language. We’re here to bridge the gap between homeowner expectations and reality. Please continue giving us your feedback.

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Jay Butch joined CertainTeed Roofing in 1998 and is responsible for all contractor programs and marketing. By developing the Shingle Master credential, an enhanced SureStart PLUS warranty and Roofers’ Rewards, he strengthened the Contractor’s EDGE offering. Jay adds valuable insight from his extensive interactions with contractors across the country.

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