It Doesn’t Matter How Shiny Their Truck Is


Name: Michele Doning, owner KNM Construction

Industry: Roofing

How did you get your start in the industry?

I came to the industry late due to a career change. I used to train horses, but my friends were roofers and were always looking for help and I thought I’d try. I knew how to speak Spanish, drive a tractor and wasn’t afraid to get dirty.

I started at the bottom. Now, I am an owner/operator of a small company KNM Construction LLC in Edgerton, Kansas.

Careers in the trade - Roofing Contractor and small business owner

“As an installer, I love the ease of installation with CertainTeed. As an owner, I sleep well knowing we did our level best and also have great product on our owner’s homes.”

What’s your favorite part of the job?

When we are done and we’ve had a really hard project and we step back and look and say, “We did that.” It’s not something everybody can do.

What advice would you give those entering the profession?

Get educated about the craft. Take advantage of continuing education opportunities. It doesn’t matter how shiny the truck a salesman drives, our industry survives on the back of our installers – at the root of it all, is the installation.

“It doesn’t matter how shiny the truck a salesman drives, our industry survives on the back of our installers.”

What will the industry look like in five years?

No idea. All I know is we need some laborers. If we don’t get some skilled tradespeople I’m not sure how we will survive.

What’s the key to success in your industry?

Its training. Its enjoying what you do and being honest with your customers.

Bonus Question: What can we do to get more students interested in a career in the trades?

Put shop [class]back in school! That’s where kids discover they are handy. Everyone’s pushing for a degree. Trades – you can start entry level and work your way all the way up. It’s not less than, it’s a great living for a family.

Thanks, Michele!

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  1. I am a contractor on the east coast. I have a daughter who has started her own roofing company out in Utah. I told her she can do anything. I sent this to her . What you say is true about the industry.

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