Beyond the Booth: CertainTeed at IBS 2019


Will you be attending IBS 2019 this year? CertainTeed will be there in a big way! In addition to our traditional trade show booth (Booth C1807), we are excited to be featured in both the NAHB High Performance Building Zone and the Hanley Wood Smart Home and Virtual Experience. Each area is specially designed to elevate the trade show experience beyond a product’s stated features and benefits. They show how each product functions in a real-world, or perhaps in the case of the Hanley Wood Smart Home, a future-world setting. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from each of these programs.

The NAHB High Performance Building Zone

New this year the Building Performance lab.

The focus here is on understanding and implementing best practices for improving efficiency in all areas of the home—from basements to roofs. Now a staple of the IBS experience, the Demonstration Lab features a series of  30-minute demonstrations and expert-led talks that break down recommended practices for you step-by-step.

New this year is the Building Performance Lab. In this small, finished model home and teaching tool, you’ll be able to see how the experts’ stated best-practices play out against the confines of a built home. Look for blower door tests, air and water inspections, cutaway walls and the use of thermal imaging devices. In addition, there are tours of the home planned throughout the week.

CertainTeed will have several products featured in the High Performance Building Zone including Cedar Impressions® Siding, Northgate® shingles and Apollo® II solar shingles.

Plus, check out our Demonstration Lab presentation, Wednesday, February 20 from 1:30-2:00 PM at the High Performance Zone.

Hanley Wood Smart Home and Virtual Experience

KB Home Projket las vegas IBS 2019 CertainTeed

KB Home Projket is now a master planned community in Henderson, Nevada.

If the NAHB High Performance Building Zone is rooted in the practicality of today, Hanley Wood’s Smart Home and Virtual Experience invites us to dream of the future. What realities will builders be facing? What will be the expectations from homeowners and how are technologies and building materials evolving to meet these needs?

A partnership with national builder KB Home, the smart home experience, called the KB Home Projekt: Where tomorrow lives evolved from a project started two-years ago as a showcase of sustainability at Greenbuild International Show, in Los Angeles and has evolved into a master planned community in Henderson, Nevada.

“In this case, the KB Home ProjeKt offers a look at the future of healthier living through design and building science, and, more importantly,” says Hanley Wood CEO Peter Goldstone stated in a press release about the project, “how to make it practical for the average homebuyer.”

The home will spotlight key health and wellness matters, such as the quality of air and water, circadian lighting, noise reduction, resilient technologies, and sound sleep support.

CertainTeed will have several products featured in the home including: SilentFX® QuickCut™, AirRenew® M2Tech®, No-Coat® Corners, Diamondback® Tile Backer

Learn more at the Hanley Wood booth C4115.

So while you’re planning your time at IBS, don’t forget to step outside the booth where you’ll get a chance to learn best practices from the best minds in the business, and marvel at full-scale innovations for all areas of the home.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas. See all our IBS 2019 activities.

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