Exterior Design: 5 Tools to Speed Up the Design and Bid Process


Get to the ‘yes’ quickly with new technologies that streamline your pre-install routine

Spring remodeling season is in full force. Between specifying, bidding, ordering and the actual install your schedule is stretched to the max. So, what if there were tools that could help with the pain points? There are. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites to help you get started. Each tool listed is designed to save you minutes, even hours, off your pre-build routine.


Save time: Measuring

Use for: Roofing, Siding, Trim

One of the biggest time sucks in the estimating process is measuring. Enter HOVER®. HOVER can provide 3D-models and detailed exterior measurements from just a photo! To get started, take pictures of the property in question using your smartphone and upload them to the HOVER app. In return you’ll receive an accurate rendering of the property including reliable measurements. According to the HOVER website, their tools can save you two hours on estimating a job and creating a material list.

Not only can HOVER save you time, it makes design decisions easy for homeowners by providing them with a 3D rendering of their home exterior that can be customized to show different product combinations. Note: You can only preview products in the HOVER system – luckily all of CertainTeed’s roofing, siding, and trim products are included.

Give it a try: First-time users will receive 30 days to try out the platform, and $125 in HOVER cash to get started.


Save time: Selecting product colors, profiles and finishing touches

Use for: Roofing, Siding, Trim

5 Contractor tools roofing siding trim CertainTeed ColorView

While photos and samples are helpful, visualizing exactly how the products will look on the house is a real struggle for many homeowners. These delays can cause major problems when trying to schedule multiple jobs. ColorView® can speed up this process by letting homeowners see exactly what their home will look like with the new products. The website allows users to click through various exterior products and color combinations, choosing everything from roofing to siding to trim, to see how it all works together. The tool is free to use. Start by browsing popular home styles preloaded to the website. To create a customized rendering of a customer’s house you have two options, you can create it yourself for free or have a professional do it for a small fee.

Pro tip: “I would suggest paying to have a ColorView visualization done by a professional,” suggests Justin Finneran, social media specialist for CertainTeed. “If you are new to ColorView, the tool can be a bit tricky to learn.” A pro mask of the home is only $50, and if you use CertainTeed products, the money will be reimbursed.


Save time: Selecting colors

Use for: Roofing, Siding, Trim

5 Contractor tools roofing siding trim CertainTeed ColorCoach

Need something you can use now? Try ColorCoach(TM). ColorCoach is a swatch tool that gives homeowners a high-level look at what color combinations work well together. Based on color theory, the tool helps homeowners through the selection process with pre-chosen pairings that are proven to work well together.

While the design is simple – no houses to click through or renderings to mask – it is a quick and easy way to get the color conversation moving, especially for someone overwhelmed by all their options. Start by selecting a roof color, and ColorCoach will provide siding and trim color options that will complement the overall design.

Give it a try: ColorCoach is free to use. Try it out here.


Save time: Writing estimates

Use for: Roofing

5 Contractor tools roofing siding trim CertainTeed Instabid

We all know the bid is a critical part of the roofing process, but it can also be the most tedious and – if you’re not careful – one of the easiest areas to make a mistake. Not anymore. CertainTeed and InstaBid have partnered to create a tool that can create a complete, detailed bid with only two pieces of information needed: the roof measurements and the products selected.

“There’s nothing worse than preparing a bid for a homeowner and then realizing something was left out,” says Jay Butch, director of contractor programs for CertainTeed Roofing.

After completing an assessment and taking measurements on a home, CertainTeed products (including the underlayments, shingles, starter shingles, accessory shingles and ventilation materials) are pre-loaded into an InstaBid proposal, along with contractor-assigned costs for material, labor and insurance. This saves you valuable time in the process of costing jobs, creating proposals and ordering materials.

Give it a try: Pricing plans run from $149 to $199/month but contractors can try it free for 30 days. To learn more, visit www.instabidsoftware.com.


Save time: On design decisions

Use for: Roofing, Siding, Trim, Fence, Deck, Rail and Porch

5 Contractor tools roofing siding trim CertainTeed iDreambook

If ColorCoach is stripped down to the basics, iDreambook(TM) is the opposite. This feature-packed, easy-to-use, interactive book enables contractors to help homeowners find the right combination of CertainTeed exterior products to create a unique look with maximum curb appeal.

Individual chapters provide a wealth of detail on CertainTeed’s complete line of siding, decorative trim, roofing, housewrap and outdoor living products (fence, decking, railing and porch). Each easy-to-navigate section incorporates videos, dozens of exterior design ideas, and pop-up windows that provide additional details on the featured products.

Plus, homeowners can browse galleries of gorgeous photos and, with a quick click on any of the images, reveal a list of every CertainTeed product used on that home, with details on the specific style, color, etc.

Give it a try: the iDreamBook is free and available through the Apple® iBooks Store.

Use these tools to help speed up the design and bid process so you can get back to the build – or better yet, make it home in time for dinner!

Plus, CertainTeed’s Show Me the Money rebate program is back and invaluable tips for differentiating your warranty offer to homeowners.

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