Impact-Resistant Roofing Helps You ‘Bounce Back’ Against Hail


New Video Highlights the Importance of Protecting Your Roof from Storm Damage

As weather events become more frequent and severe, homeowners are looking for better roofing materials to protect their homes. One of the best ways to protect against hail damage is to invest in impact-resistant shingles.

Impact-resistant roofing has been around for some time. Our Asphalt shingles are made with a special fiberglass layer that’s highly resistant to hail damage.

One of the most popular (and effective) impact-resistant roofing options are shingles made with SBS-modified asphalt, which has its origins in rolled roofing products. These shingles, often called ‘rubberized’ or ‘modified’ shingles, are much more flexible than standard asphalt shingles and are specifically designed to absorb impact and prevent damage to your roof. SBS-modified shingles are so effective that many insurance companies offer policy discounts if you have them installed on your home, and some areas of the country – such as Fort Collins, Colorado – have been updating building codes to make impact-resistant roofing a requirement.

To help raise awareness around the importance of using impact-resistant roofing, CertainTeed has released a fun animated video to highlight the benefits of its newest and most popular impact-resistant shingle, NorthGate® ClimateFlex®.

“We feel that it’s the best-looking and highest-performing impact-resistant shingle in the industry, and installers love it because its flexibility makes it cold-weather-install friendly,” says Jay Butch, director of contractor programs for CertainTeed Roofing.

Watch the video: “Oh Hail No”

Homes at Increased Risk

Weather related incidents are on the rise across the United States. Verisk Insurance Solutions tracked hail related claims from 2000-2013 and found hail damage caused 54 billion in losses during this period, 70 percent of which occurred during the last six years tracked (source). While there is seasonal variability, these numbers haven’t tapered off any in recent years. If you are concerned about the threat of hail in your area, talk to your insurance agent about the benefits of upgrading to an impact-resistant shingle.

Learn more about NorthGate Climateflex.

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    This is an easy choice as long as your insurance offers the discount, especially when you’re replacing a roof due to hail.

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