6 Tricks for Jaw-Dropping Ceiling Design


Use these expert tips to improve space acoustics and get your design ideas out of the box (pun completely intended.)

TRICK #1: Defy convention with jaw-dropping geometry

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles

Round of applause for Moscow City Hall.

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles provide a visual and acoustical focal point for the concert hall in Moscow City Hall.

TRICK #2: Turn expectations on their ear with vertical installation

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles

Eyes up. Attention grabbing vertical installation in a busy reception area.

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles take on an entirely different look when installed on the wall.

TRICK #3: Entrance them with hypnotic waves

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles

Doing the wave at Sweden’s Hallarna Shopping Centre.

Staggered Ecophon ® Solo™ baffle waves create a sense of undulating movement in Sweden’s Hallarna Shopping Centre.

TRICK #4: Give predictable shapes a break

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles

Trying something different at Wiley publishing.

A grouping of Ecophon® Solo™ trapezoids adds a level of interest squares and rectangles can only dream of at Wiley publishing’s Hoboken, NJ offices.

TRICK #5: Enchant the eye with hundreds of feet of floating clouds

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles

Combine clouds and baffles to reach even grander design heights.

Ecophon® Solo™ clouds and baffles float throughout the atrium at Aecom’s South Africa offices.

TRICK #6: Create the boxes for students to think outside the box

Ecophon® Solo™ baffles

Rectangle baffles get turned on their side.

Ideas roam free while sound gets trapped within square arrangements of Ecophon® Solo™ baffles at Finland’s Hiukkavaara School and Community Centre.

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