Why Proper Insulation is Important


According to the U.S. Department of Energy field data, over half of new homes in the U.S. are improperly insulated. But to maximize a home’s energy efficiency and help homeowners save money on their energy bills, proper insulation matters. When properly installed, insulation provides a home with a protective barrier against the outside temperature changes, moderating temperatures inside no matter what the outside conditions are.

Why is proper insulation important?

Proper insulation keeps the home cool during summer and warm during winter. It creates a consistent temperature throughout the house, adds thermal comfort, and reduces unwanted heat loss. However, a house with poor insulation can experience mold growth, major air leakage, or uneven temperatures, making the home uncomfortable and less healthy. 

Whether you are considering adding insulation to a new home or replacing old insulation, take a look at the four main benefits to insulating a home properly:

  1. Reduce heating and cooling costs: a well-insulated home not only improves the energy-efficiency of a living space, helping to lower energy bills, and potentially saving homeowners money. 
  2. Create a healthier indoor environment: insulation and ventilation work together to maintain proper air circulation and, consequently, improve the overall comfort of a home.
  3. Reduce noise pollution: having the right insulation installed can make a home significantly quieter by absorbing the sound that bounces off of floors and walls.   
  4.  Protect against ice dams: ice dams, caused by water buildup on the roof, can damage a home and yield mold and mildew. A moisture-resistant insulation can drastically reduce the risk of ice dam formation. 

Insulation material comes in various types, but the amount of insulation a home will require depends on its climate zone and location, how it’s built (size and age), and the areas of the home that need to be insulated.

Consulting a trusted insulation contractor can help homeowners determine the type and amount of insulation recommended for their space, and help them realize the insulation’s full R-value. To help you achieve that desired level of insulation, CertainTeed offers a variety of home insulation options for ceilings, attics, walls, floors and basements.  
Consult with us today to learn more about our building insulation products and learn how we can help you build well-insulated houses that decrease the consumption of energy resources.

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