How it Works: StreakFighter® for Algae Resistance


One of the biggest concerns that customers have when purchasing roofing shingles is aesthetic durability. Homeowners want a roof that will remain beautiful over time. At CertainTeed, we strive to create shingles with rich colors that will last, keeping your home protected without sacrificing curb appeal. 

A top features of our asphalt shingles is our StreakFighter® technology, which helps prevent unsightly algae from growing on your roof. Let’s learn more about this feature and how it protects your home. 

How to Spot Algae Growth

If you live in an area with high levels of moisture, either from rain or humidity, then your home may be at risk of algae growth. Airborne algae spores can land on your roof and embed themselves on your shingles, where they continue to grow. The moisture and sunlight can help the algae grow, creating ugly black lines across your roof. If you have ever noticed these black streaks or stains, then you may have an algae problem. 

That’s why we developed a line of shingles that helps prevent algae from attaching to a roof so that your home looks clean and new, no matter the age of your roof shingles. 

The Science of Copper-Infused Surface Granules

Our secret to repelling rooftop algae is copper, which contains natural anti-algae properties. We embed copper-infused surface granules into our asphalt shingles.

Plus, the copper is inside each granule, which means you can’t see it with the naked eye. This is good news for designers and homeowners who want protection and beauty without compromise.

StreakFighter Technology is a Standard Feature

Our StreakFighter technology is not an add-on. We incorporate copper-infused granules into all of our asphalt shingles that are sold in regions where algae is problematic, so you can rest easy knowing you have StreakFighter protection for your home. 

Your Shingles Are Protected

Our StreakFighter technology is backed by a powerful warranty, so you can trust that your shingles will last. From the initial installation through years of sun, rain, and wind, you can enjoy the same color and durability that you expect from your shingles. 

The best part about this technology is that it’s a maintenance-free way to fight algae and keep your roof looking its best. You can save both time and money by not having to wash staining away. 

Learn More About Our Roofing Technologies

StreakFighter is just one of the technologies used in CertainTeed Landmark® PRO shingles. Our shingles also offer cool roof solar reflectivity, impact-resistance to protect against damaging hail, and high-grade adhesives to protect against wind damage.

Learn more about the technologies that we have developed to help customers protect their homes with strong, durable shingles. 

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