How it Works: NailTrak® for Fast, Accurate, Visible Nail Lines


Our research and development team continually collects feedback from builders and developers across the United States to analyze the needs of customers and develops products that address their problems.

In fact, it was the feedback from our customers that drove us to create our NailTrak® technology. First to market with this innovation over 15 years ago, we developed NailTrak to give installers the ability to quickly and accurately nail shingles to a roof.

Learn more about our NailTrak system and how it can improve your next roof installation. 

Install Shingles With a Clear Nailing Line 

The best way to ensure long-term performance is with accurate shingle installation. This means installing shingles with the right nail positioning – neither too high nor too low. The right nailing line will allow you to install shingles to manufacturer specifications to make sure they last.

That’s why we created a bright NailTrak line that makes it easy to line up shingles and keep them going across the roof. 

Our NailTrak lines were recently improved to make them brighter than ever before. They are designed with high-visibility paint that makes it easy to nail down shingles in the bright sun or the fading light of dusk.

Regardless of the time of day or weather, you will have a clear installation line for your shingles. 

Avoid Exposed Nail Heads

Not only are the NailTrak lines developed with high-visibility paint, but they are also placed with aesthetics in mind.

Some manufacturers place their nailing lines lower on a shingle, which can leave low-sitting nail heads fully or partially exposed, rather than covered by the overlapping shingle. This creates “shiners” that reflect the sun and distract from the overall beauty of the home. 

The NailTrak system is designed to help installers avoid unsightly nail head exposure when installing to our specifications with a wide, clearly visible nailing zone.

Clear Lines That Fit Any Roof 

When you look at the shingles with NailTrak, you will notice three bright lines. These lines are meant to guide the installation process for any roof slope where shingles are acceptable for use. Installers have a wide nailing area for low or standard roof slopes, as well as a special nailing area for roofs with a very steep slope.

Your Shingles Are Protected

We have one of the top product warranties in the industry, which means our shingles are meant to last and provide peace of mind. 

Our shingles also come with the additional assurance of SureStart™ protection, which provides comprehensive warranty coverage in the event of a manufacturer defect. When you buy from CertainTeed, you know the products you get will be high quality. 

Learn More About Our Landmark PRO® Shingle Features

NailTrak is just one feature that comes with our Landmark® PRO shingles – a line of great-looking and high-performing designer asphalt shingles. These shingles also offer solar reflective cool roof color technology, algae growth prevention, and powerful resistance against wind and harsh weather. 

Learn more about our Landmark PRO features and then choose the best style for your design plans. 

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