How it Works: QuadraBond® Advanced Layering


Your roof is the first line of defense against the weather – your shingles are what protect your home from dangerous winds and precipitation.

Many of the most popular shingles available today are laminated shingles, which are constructed by fusing two shingle layers together during the manufacturing process. These multi-layered shingles provide extra protection against the elements while also providing a visual dimensionality that gives a finished roof an attractive architectural aesthetic. 

In order for your shingles to stay on your roof and perform at their best, this lamination bond must be incredibly strong. This is where our QuadraBond® advanced layering technology comes into play. 

QuadraBond Secures Your Shingles to Your Roof

QuadraBond is a high-grade modified asphalt adhesive that seals our shingle layers together at an industry-best four points, helping to keep your roof looking good while protecting the home underneath it. 

As one of the leading adhesive products on the market, QuadraBond is highly valued by professional roofing contractors who must trust their reputation to the shingle brands they recommend to their customers. 

Avoid Delamination and Hold Shingles Together

The main purpose of the four points of adhesion is to hold shingles together in the face of long-term weathering. Low-quality adhesive systems wear down over time, which can cause shingle layers to separate while on the roof and allow moisture to infiltrate a home.

With QuadraBond, shingles are held in place, so a roof will continue to perform in the face of wind, heat, cold, and other inclement conditions.  

QuadraBond is Standard for Landmark® PRO Shingles

Shingles from CertainTeed are available with numerous technologies and features that maximize beauty and performance in any climate. QuadraBond is a standard feature on our popular Landmark PRO shingles, as well as all other asphalt designer shingles we manufacture.

Products Backed By an Industry-Leading Warranty

We stand by the quality of our products with independent third-party quality testing and an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty. When you buy shingles with QuadraBond, your purchase is covered by this powerful warranty. 

To learn more about the coverage for your residential roofing project, visit our Warranty Information page. You can filter through the products to learn about the different warranty coverages attached to them. 

Learn More About Our Products

Whether you are remodeling or having a home built from the ground up, you can turn to the building materials experts at CertainTeed for information, support, and recommendations.

Our products are made to last and use state-of-the-art technologies to protect your home, save you money, and help the environment. Get to know more about our versatile Landmark PRO line of shingles, as well as other great-looking and high-quality residential roofing options by visiting

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