CertainTeed Shingles: UL Tested for Quality Assurance


We stand by the quality of products, such as our Landmark PRO® line of residential shingles.

However, you don’t have to believe us when we say that our roofing products meet industry-leading standards for performance. We subject each one of our products to vigorous third-party testing for quality assurance. 

UL Testing Creates Accountability

Third-party testing ensures accountability. These objective quality-assurance firms, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), focus on the performance and durability of products, and allow a manufacturer to stamp its mark on product packaging when standards are met. 

The main benefit of hiring a third party is its objectivity. An outside evaluator has no financial reason to let low-quality products pass inspection.

In the case of roofing materials, an evaluator’s job is to assure that a product meets the well-defined safety and performance standards necessary to protect consumers.

Our Shingles Are Inspected By Numerous Firms 

Third-party validation for the quality of our shingles can cross into a variety of standards and testing bodies. Some examples include:

  • ASTM D3462 – a U.S. standard that establishes prescriptive minimum and maximum values for asphalt shingles’ masses and physical property values
  • UL certified for Class A fire resistance (UL 790)
  • UL certified for wind resistance (UL 997)

Third-party certifications that confirm our products are environmentally friendly include:

  • Ratings by the Cool Roofing Rating Council (CRRC) for cool roofs
  • Qualifications for LEED® and NAHB® credits
A lab technician testing the properties of roofing asphalt.

 You can learn more about this on our Eco-Innovation Sustainability page.  

We Stand By Our Products With an Industry-Leading Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our shingles that we have an industry-leading warranty to protect our customers.

On our Warranty Information page, you can review and download product warranty documents for any of our exterior or interior building products.

The name CertainTeed comes from the company’s slogan, developed in the early 1900s. Even today, we stand by that phrase: Quality made certain, satisfaction guaranteed.

We stand by our industry-leading warranty because we know our shingles will meet your quality expectations, otherwise we will take steps to ensure your satisfaction. That’s our name and our promise.  

Learn More About our Landmark PRO Shingles

If you need to redo your roof and want to select materials that will last, you will want to look further at our Landmark line of shingles.

These top-selling shingles come in a variety of colors, weights, and price points, following a good-better-best model depending on your budget. There are also specialty shingles designed for certain climates and regions, such as Landmark PRO Solaris® Cool Roof shingles

Find the right shingles for your project to design a roof that you will love. 

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