Employee retention in a competitive marketplace 


It’s no secret that there’s a labor shortage in the United States, and few industries are feeling that shortage as acutely as the building industry. That means retaining the contractors, crews, and employees you have is more important than ever.

For a construction company, losing highly skilled workers can be devastating to projects and workflow. It can delay work for months, and cause scheduling challenges and missed deadlines. Customers are left in the lurch, and unhappy clients don’t typically return or keep their unhappiness to themselves.

Losing employees can also lower morale among others on the team, which can eventually become a much larger problem.

It’s clear that keeping employees satisfied and on the job is vital in today’s climate. Fortunately, there are positive steps a company can take to keep crews fully staffed. Full teams make for happier homeowners who, in turn, are more likely to become repeat clients and make referrals to friends and families. Plus, repeat clients translate to job security for everyone.

So, how can a company retain employees in such a competitive industry? Using positive recruitment and retention tactics is the surest way to avoid the uncertainty and disruption that results when employees leave. The following are just a few steps that can help to keep current employees happy. 

It’s About More Than Money

It goes without saying that people want to be well compensated, but job satisfaction (and employee retention) extends far beyond a paycheck. Fostering a company culture that respects employees starts at the top and trickles down from there. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Set up regular listening sessions where workers can share and discuss their challenges and successes.
  • Ask for suggestions from employees regularly, and act on them whenever feasible.
  • Acknowledge, in a public way, when someone suggests an improvement that gets implemented. 

Revisit Your Benefits

While health insurance is important, a number of other benefits can make employees feel valued. Whether it’s gym memberships, a childcare allowance, or free financial planning advice, enhancing your benefits will demonstrate to employees that you care about and appreciate them – which increases the chances they will stay.

Commit to Improved Safety Standards

Develop and enforce an employee safety program that adheres to OSHA guidelines. By making sure everyone follows the rules, you reduce potential liability, and show that safety is taken seriously. Also, make sure to supply employees with high-quality PPE and safety equipment.

Another vital factor is specifying building products that maximize ease of use and worker safety. InsulPure™ insulation, for example, is easy to handle, cut, install, and – especially important to installers – less dusty than traditional insulation. This makes a healthier installation with less mess and quicker cleanup. Further, InsulPure is UL-validated as formaldehyde-free and meets the GREENGUARD Gold standard for lower total VOC emissions levels.

Using top-quality building products proves to employees and customers that their safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance.  

Offer Training and Learning Opportunities

To retain employees for the long term, make the company a place where they can learn, hone their skills, and progress in their field. Remember that most workers don’t just want a job – they want to build a career.

 If creating an in-house training program is not feasible, some manufacturers offer education-based product and installation training for contractors. For example, we provide Master Craftsman courses that are available online to accommodate schedules.

Remove Language Barriers

Communication is essential for employee satisfaction. If an employee doesn’t understand what a supervisor is saying – or can’t figure out what they are expected to do – they won’t be confident in performing their job, and costly errors could occur.

To avoid this problem, look into ways to minimize miscommunication. Always be clear with instructions and make sure to help anyone who is having difficulty understanding.

If your team members cannot converse easily in English, commit to improving communication with them – it will make their workday a lot easier, jobs will get completed to a higher standard, and everyone on the crew will feel more appreciated.

Make the Commitment

Large or small, local or national, building and remodeling firms need to focus on satisfying employees’ needs if they want to keep workers in this competitive and ever-shifting market.

Remember, this takes more than money. It also takes a commitment from business owners to provide the best work environment possible – places where employees can learn, grow, and thrive.

If you have any questions, we’re always available to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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