COVID-19 Industry Resources

ProBuilderBefore the coronavirus pandemic, managing a construction site was already a full production. But throw in new safety measures, local limitations, and the headache of ensuring only one team is on site at a time ...CommercialArticle(s)4/27/2020ViewHow Builders Are Adjusting to the New Normal
ProBuilderAfter homebuyers pulled back during the height of the pandemic, demand is slowly recoveringCommercialArticle(s)5/1/2020ViewBuyers Outnumber Homes As Housing Market Stages a Comeback
ConstructionDiveSafety managers at EV Construction fielded questions from employees and subcontractors who were concerned about the safety of working during the growing outbreak.CommercialArticle(s)5/1/2020ViewHow to ease workers' anxieties about returning to the jobsite
ConstructionDiveU.S. jobsites are reopening but the industry will not be the same as it was before the COVID-19 outbreak. Are you ready for the paradigm shift?CommercialArticle(s)5/1/2020ViewThe new normal: 8 ways the coronavirus crisis is changing construction
Mc Kinsey & CompanyCOVID-19 is changing how B2B buyers and sellers interact. Savvy sales leaders are learning how to adapt to the next normal.CommercialArticle(s)5/1/2020ViewThe B2B digital inflection point: How sales have changed during COVID-19
BuilderHere's a manifesto of the moment. Shrink fast or go big. Which would you pick?CommercialArticle(s)5/1/2020ViewFrom Lockdown to Liftoff: For Home Builders it's where to start?
BuilderAs some states begin to reopen, moving forward means balancing consumer comfort, safety, and economic resilience.CommercialArticle(s)5/1/2020ViewCOVIE-19 update: How might we chart a course back
BuilderManufacturers are taking a “wait and see” position as they pull back funding and contract marketing and promotion.CommercialArticle(s)4/29/2020ViewMany manufacturers have slowed down bulding products R&D during Covid-19
BuilderWith the Spring selling season disrupted, Realtors now expect a 14% decline in existing home sales this year.CommercialArticle(s)4/29/2020ViewPending Home Sales Drop 20% in March
BuilderWeekly new listing volume of single-family detached homes is down compared to the week ending March 13, in all 41 states tracked.CommercialArticle(s)4/29/2020ViewHouseCanary: Housing Market continued contraction last week
BuilderLearn how the leading edge of 67 million post-Millennials will call home builder firms to account for the healthfulness and sustainability of their homesCommercialArticle(s)4/29/2020ViewGenZ will loom large in Housing's 2020 recovery: How Pandemic and Climate Connect
RemodelingOver 90% of remodelers in a recent survey reported a slowdown in inquiries and homeowners' willingness to remodel.CommercialArticle(s)4/24/2020ViewNAHB: Coronavirus Influencing Homeowners' Willingness to Remodel
RemodelingThe resource includes safety best practices and complements the administration's guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19.CommercialArticle(s)4/24/2020ViewOSHA Publishes Tips to Help Construction Employers Protect Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic
HanleyWoodWe've launched two new webinar series: one tracking real-time construction updates and the other, real-time housing and economic impacts.CommercialWebinarWednesdaysViewCOVID-19 Webinar Series Sponsorship Opportunities
RemodelingThe Joint Center for Housing Studies projects owner expenditures for renovations and repairs will decline at least through the first quarter of 2021 due to COVID-19.CommercialArticle(s)4/22/2020ViewCoronavirus Impacts Suggest A Dramatic Downturn in Remodeling Market
BuilderCompany says this indicates home shoppers are returning to the market.CommercialArticle(s)4/22/2020ViewZillow Sees Bounceback in Traffic
BuilderBTIG/HomeSphere weekly builder survey shows slow or no activity in Northeast, Midwest and West.CommercialArticle(s)4/27/2020ViewMid-size Private Builder Traffic is "At Stand Still" in three of four regions
BuilderThe time is now to develop technology strategies to weather today's storms and survive into the future.CommercialArticle(s)4/27/2020ViewThe Future of Connectivity is contactless
Ontario Home Builder's AssociationFind the latest industry updates on COVID-19 from Ontario Home Builders' AssociationCommercialArticle(s)AprilViewIndustry Updates from OHBA
The Farnsworth GroupThe Impact of COVID on DIYers & ContractorsResidentialDataAprilViewWeekly COVID Impact Tracker
Dodge Data & AnalyticsCOVID-19 and its impact upon the construction industry and construction projects.CommercialArticle(s)ViewConstruction Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19) News
Dodge Data & AnalyticsU.S. Map of Active Public Bidding Opportunities During Coronavirus (COVID-19).CommercialMapViewActive Public Bidding Opportunities
Dodge Data & AnalyticsA list from the Dodge Construction Central database.CommercialProject ListViewWeekly Construction Bidding Opportunities
Qualified RemodelerA series of webinars featuring leading remodeling and home improvement company owners and consultants.CommercialArticle(s)View“Prevail” Webinar Summit Co-hosted by Qualified Remodeler
American Fence AssociationJoin us and our speaker Tony Thornton, AFAs Executive Director for a webinar discussing the 6 dysfunctions a fence company is experiencing and learning from during COVID-19CommercialWebinarView6 Dysfunctions Fence Companies Learned Amidst COVID-19
BuilderTake a minimax regret approach to hard choices, dire conditions, uncertain risks, and better decisions and live to tell the tale.CommercialArticle(s)9/17/2020ViewThe New Coronavirus rules of business:
BuilderChief Economist Ali Wolf and Senior Managing Principal Tim Sullivan continue the COVID-19 Update: The Housing Market series, discussing the latest developments on the pandemic’s continued impact on the market.CommercialWebinar4/29/2020ViewCOVID-19 Update: The Housing Market - April 29th
PrincipiaPrincipia is pleased to present an ongoing webinar series to help manage through the current market environment conversation with the leadership team and industry analystsCommercialWebinar4/24/2020ViewCOVID-19 Impact on Building Products Demand and Residential Construction Activity
JLCWork is continuing, but it's a different world. Here's how companies are adjusting.CommercialArticle(s)4/23/2020ViewWorking Safely in the COVID-19 Environment
BuilderNow is the time to hone your business in order to come back stronger, more efficient, and more profitable than ever.CommercialArticle(s)4/23/2020ViewTen Ways to Prepare for Business to Reemerge After COVID-19
BuilderUnequal damage and pain in select sectors and places could either work to buoy and spark a rebound or delay a realistic view of challenge ahead.CommercialArticle(s)4/23/2020ViewAs ranks of jobless swell to 26 million, the question is when the hiring can begin anew
BuilderHere is the sixth weekly update on the housing market in the age of the coronavirus from April 22, 2020.CommercialArticle(s)4/22/2020ViewCovid-19 update from Meyers research Metrostudy and Builder
PrincipiaLatest data and analysis from COVID-19 impacts on building product demandCommercialArticle(s)4/22/2020ViewSpecial COVID-19 Bulletin #2: Impact on Building Product Demand
ICCAThis webinar will review the benefits and logistics involved in applying for loans and grants through these new programs.CommercialWebinar4/22/2020ViewFinancial Assistance Programs for Small Businesses
Qualified RemodelerJoin this webinar to find out how simple it actually is to determine your minimum markupCommercialWebinar4/22/2020ViewUsing The Right Remodeling Markups During Economic Challenges
Qualified RemodelerMcCadden will demonstrate and share a tool to help you experiment with different markups so you can know the reality of deviating from the minimum markup your business actually needs to use.CommercialWebinar4/22/2020ViewMarkup What-if: Clarity Regarding Remodeling Markups
BuilderMake these six essential take-aways from the past decade's recovery the core principles of your business resilience blueprint.CommercialArticle(s)4/21/2020ViewGloom-and-Doom Fatigue: Why craving normalcy will play a role in a Covid-19 rebound
BuilderWhen the coronavirus health crisis slows down, there's a good chance business will be conducted differently. But some things won't change.CommercialArticle(s)4/20/2020ViewDoing business in a Post-Coronavirus world
RemodelingThe agency acknowledges business disruptions as a result of COVID-19 may have limited the availability and access to safety training.CommercialArticle(s)4/17/2020ViewOSHA to Consider Employer's Good Faith Efforts When Enforcing Safety Compliance During Coronavirus Pandemic
BuilderThree building industry professionals reflect on past crises for insight on today’s priorities.CommercialArticle(s)4/17/2020ViewWords of wisdom for COVID-19, Downturn and Beyond
BuilderHome shoppers can join live broadcasts from agents, tour homes and ask questions, in real time.CommercialArticle(s)4/17/ starts live virtual Home showings
Qualified RemodelerHighlight of COVID-19 impact on Home improvement contractorsCommercialArticle(s)4/17/2020ViewTracker: Home Improvement Pros Quantify Virus Impacts
Qualified RemodelerQualified Remodeler gives some marketing insights about lead flow optimisationCommercialArticle(s)4/17/2020ViewJumpstar lead your flow
JLCThe Journal of light construction answers to the question of HVAC filter masks usage again COVID-19CommercialArticle(s)4/16/2020ViewCan you use a HVAC Filters in Corona virus masks ?
BuilderHousing starting to plunge due to COVID-19 shutdownCommercialArticle(s)4/16/2020ViewHousing starts plunge
BuilderRealtor survey shows that virtual visits have become viable with COVID-19 however many don't' think about buying without touring a home in reality.CommercialArticle(s)4/16/2020ViewSurvey: 47% still want to see home for sale in person
Qualified Remodeler PartnerLearn the process, the platform and best practices for selling a job virtually from your home office.CommercialWebinar4/16/2020ViewHow to enable virtual selling and help your business to thrive
BuilderEpisode 2 of Builders Are Essentials WebinarCommercialWebinar4/15/2020ViewBuilders are essentials Cash Crash Course
BuilderChief Economist Ali Wolf and Senior Managing Principal Tim Sullivan continue the COVID-19 Update: The Housing Market series, discussing the latest developments on the pandemic’s continued impact on the market.CommercialWebinar4/15/2020ViewCOVID-19 Update: The Housing Market - April 15th
ProBuilderFinancial analysts give answers on home building market concerns about Covid-19 impactCommercialArticle(s)4/14/2020ViewWill Home Building Rebuild After the Coronavirus?
BuilderRE/MAX warns about the impacts of COVID-19 on worldwide housing marketResidentialArticle(s)4/14/2020ViewRE/MAX warns investors on Covid-19 Impact
EverCommerceAn EverCommerce Webinar SeriesCommercialWebinar4/14/2020ViewWorking Through the CARES Act
Qualified RemodelerLead-safe work practices are the perfect means to keep your clients and your employees safe.CommercialBlog4/14/2020ViewMcCadden: Use RRP Training to Mitigate Covid-19 and Help Keep Business Going
Qualified RemodelerA Ten Minute Review of Safety Procedures Called For During Covid-19 PandemicCommercialArticle(s)4/14/2020ViewNAHB Calls for Safety Stand Down
Qualified RemodelerRegister for NRCA's COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall Tuesday, April 14, at 4:20 p.m. EDT for developments regarding COVID-19 related to the roofing industry.CommercialTownhall4/14/2020ViewRegister Now for NRCA’s COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall
Roofers Coffee ShopRCS Influencer Charles Antis talks with Susan DeGrassi about helping owners make decisions quickly and swiftly.CommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewHelp customers to make better decisions to protect their assets in a pandemic
ProBuilderDuring a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are looking to brand marketers for two things: support and securityCommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewWhat can builders market during a pandemic
BuilderTurn challenges into opportunities: Housing experts deliver tips on how to survive during the pandemicCommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewDifficult times create opportunity
BuilderTwenty experts in all areas of housing share tips on how to survive during the pandemic and turn challenges into opportunitiesCommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewDifficultties to create opportunity: 20 expert tips for managing during the pandemic
Hanley WoodRegister today for Episode #2 of our webinar series on how to survive economic stress and financial shocks to housing's ecosystem.CommercialWebinar4/13/2020ViewFacing A Two-Headed Coronavirus Threat--Work Stoppages And Consumer Momentum Collapse--Here's Why #BuildersAreEssential
Hanley WoodDespite ongoing challenges, Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan point out positives and urge builders to keep moving forward.CommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewCOVID-19 Update: ‘Don’t Let This Defeat You’
Hanley WoodTake swift, decisive, certainly painful, and possibly counter-intuitive action to preserve cash for ongoing disruption.CommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewSurvey Says' Maybe What We Want To Hear; Instead, Look At Behavior As Signal Of What We're In For
Hanley WoodTwenty experts in all areas of housing share tips on how to survive during the pandemic and turn challenges into opportunitiesCommercialArticle(s)4/13/2020ViewDifficult Times Create Opportunity: 20 Expert Tips For Managing During The Pandemic
ProSalesState-by-State TrackerCommercialArticle(s)4/11/2020ViewCoronavirus Construction Limits
Hanley WoodMarketing InsightCommercialArticle(s)4/11/2020ViewKeeping a Customer-Centric Culture During Social Distancing
BuilderDespite ongoing challenges, Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan point out positives and urge builders to keep moving forward.CommercialArticle(s)4/10/2020ViewCOVID-19 Update: Don't Let This Defeat You'
BuilderThe Institute's latest report foresees a decline in residential architecture business for March and April.CommercialArticle(s)4/10/2020ViewAIA Report Predicts "Derailed" Residential Market
BuilderRegister today for Episode #2 of our webinar series on how to survive economic stress and financial shocks to housing's ecosystem.CommercialWebinar4/10/2020ViewFacing a Two-Headed Coronavirus Threat
Hanley WoodMarketing InsightCommercialArticle(s)4/10/2020ViewHow to Tweak Your Ad Copy, Creative, and Offering When Running Facebook Ads in the COVID-19 Climate
ProBulderHousing market shifts to the cyber side amid the pandemicCommercialArticle(s)4/10/2020ViewHow the Rise of Digital Strategies Is Keeping the Housing Market Alive
ProsalesLearn more about what to do today to survive pause or barrel through the crisis and come out intact for a recovery ahead.CommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020ViewA 'Both/And' Leadership Challenge During Coronavirus Crisis: Deal With Now And Plan For Tomorrow
ProSalesLoans up to 250% of monthly payroll or $10 million are available through the Paycheck Protection Program.CommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020ViewCARES Act Offers Forgivable Loans to Small Businesses
ProSalesNew webinar series and how-to documents help building and fire professionals adapt to a virtual work environment.CommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020ViewInternational Code Council Launches Resources for COVID-19 Work Challenges
JLCOn many jobsites, inspections are now happening remotely. More jurisdictions are likely to follow.CommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020ViewFor COVID-19 Safety, Building Departments Turn to "Virtual" Inspections
JLCClear company communication and precautions can put homeowners at ease in this time of uncertainty.CommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020View'These Are Not Protocols, These Are Promises': Ensuring Clients and Employees Stay Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic
BuilderNew webinar series and how-to documents help building and fire professionals adapt to a virtual work environment.CommercialWebinar4/9/2020ViewInternational code concil launches resources for Covid-19 work challenges
BulderTake a 'minimax regret' approach to hard choices, dire conditions, uncertain risks, and better decisions,... and live to tell the tale.CommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020ViewThe New Coronavirus Rules of Business: Step ONE - Survive
American Fence AssociationWhat you need to knowCommercialArticle(s)4/9/2020ViewCOVID-19: Fence Industry
BuilderCOVID-19 UpdateCommercialWebinar4/8/2020ViewThe Housing Market - April 8th
BuilderHere's two data-driven "musts" for navigating continued business peril as Covid-19 infection rates start to taper.CommercialArticle(s)4/8/2020ViewA Glimpse past coronavirus' plateaus reveals real estate's craggy range of hopes, beliefs,and unknowns
PrincipiaSpecial COVID-19 Bulletin #1CommercialArticle(s)4/7/2020ViewImpact on Residential Construction Activity
PrincipiaSpecial COVID-19 Bulletin #2CommercialArticle(s)4/7/2020ViewImpact on Building Product Demand
Roofers Coffee ShopRCS influencer Wendy Marvin shares some solid advice on just how to save your business.CommercialArticle(s)4/7/2020ViewNo One is Going to SAVE You; You Have to Save Yourself
American Fence AssociationImportant video message from AFA's AFA's Executive Director, Tony Thornton, CFP, CAGOI, CAGSD.CommercialVideo4/6/2020ViewCOVID-19 & The Fence Industry
Hanley WoodInsights from Hanley WoodCommercialArticle(s)4/6/2020ViewCOVID-19 Update: “Preserve, Generate, Reinvent”
ProSalesOnline tours, electronic signatures and drive-up notaries are making the wheels turn.CommercialArticle(s)4/6/2020ViewReal Estate Industry Adapts, Keeps Moving Forward
ProSalesLearn why lumberyard-owned component manufacturing plants consistently make lower net profits.CommercialArticle(s)4/6/2020View6 Causes of Operational Waste
Smart BriefHere are some practical ways to lead yourself.CommercialArticle(s)4/6/2020ViewPractical ways to lead yourself during a crisis
ProBuilderBuilding 1,000 Homes Packs an Economic PunchCommercialArticle(s)4/6/2020ViewNAHB Finds Home Building Could Spark Economic Recovery
ProBuilderThe Department of Homeland Security says yesCommercialArticle(s)4/4/2020ViewIs home building essential?
ENRConstruction Job Totals Start to Fall, with 29,000 Drop in MarchCommercialArticle(s)4/3/2020ViewCoronavirus and Construction
BuilderHow Covid-19 is affecting the housing market.ResidentialWebinar4/1/2020ViewCOVID-19 Update: The Housing Market
Commercial Property ExecutiveEven before challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, high construction costs were making some deals impossible to pencil.CommercialArticle(s)4/1/2020ViewConstruction Costs Continue to Rise in 2020
ConstructionDiveAI app debuted to track jobsite social distancing practices.CommercialArticle(s)4/1/2020ViewDive Brief
BuilderShort-term outlook turns sharply negative as virus-induced shutdown takes its toll.CommercialArticle(s)3/31/2020ViewCOVID-19 Crushes Consumer Confidence
BulderFive vital discussion points to ensure construction progress is able to continue through this stressed environment.CommercialArticle(s)3/31/2020ViewAddressing Pandemic-Related Supply Chain Issues
Dodge Data & AnalyticsUpdate from Dodge Data & Analytics' Chief EconomistCommercialData3/31/2020ViewCOVID-19 (Coronavirus) Forecast
dwellThe pandemic is already reshaping our ideas of home to emphasize wellness, hygiene, and work/life balance.CommercialArticle(s)3/31/2020ViewNew York Architects on How COVID-19 Is Urging Us to Rethink Home Design
RT3Progressive news for the roofing and construction industry.ResidentialE-Newsletter3/30/2020ViewRoofing Technology SmartBrief
Roofing ContractorHow Paul Bange Roofing employees are staying on the job.CommercialArticle(s)3/30/2020ViewHow Roofing Contractors are Enduring the COVID-19 Pandemic
BulderLearn three key tips to help your business pivot to a virtual experience, remain effective, and keep your clients well informed.CommercialArticle(s)3/30/2020ViewRealtors Serve Up Tips for Virtual Showings
remodelingThe Construction Industry Safety Coalition published guidance for contractors and companies working during the global health crisis.CommercialArticle(s)3/27/2020ViewBest Practices for Coronavirus Safety and Prevention on the Jobsite
remodelingNearly a quarter of contractors indicated deliveries from suppliers have been delayed or cancelled as a result of the pandemic, according to a survey conducted by the AGC.CommercialArticle(s)3/27/2020ViewSurvey: Coronavirus Has Halted or Delayed 28% of Contractors' Projects
BuilderLetter from the BUILDER editor: Expect big impact, and ready your teams for the heaviest weather in the months ahead as the U.S. economy seeks its reset point.CommercialArticle(s)3/26/2020ViewBracing for the COVID-19 Storm: Builders Know Something's Happening, But Not Exactly What.
John Burns, Real Estate ConsultantIssues, interviews, and insights into the U.S. housing market. Monthly takes on what’s happening in the housing market today, and what might be happening tomorrow. From the John Burns Real Estate Consulting team.ResidentialPodcast3/19/2020ViewNew Home Insights Podcast
Roofing ContractorRyan Groth's thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic .CommercialArticle(s)3/18/2020ViewNavigating Roofing and Service Sales During the COVID-19 Crisis